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Freely and confidently navigate on Furshouse thanks to SiteLock.

Analyse de la sécurité par Site Lock
is SiteLock?
SiteLock is a complete protection solution that includes the following functions:

     Scan Web Applications: SiteLock informs us real-time security vulnerabilities of applications you use.
     Scan SQL injection: SiteLock performs an SQL injection and quickly and efficiently identifies risks. And access to our databases and your sensitive customer information is no longer possible.
     Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): SiteLock check our website and identifies security vulnerabilities that an attacker could inject malicious code.
     Scan anti-malware: SiteLock detects malware, such as external redirects, hidden links or links to infected sites. You are well protected from viruses and trojans.
     File change control: SiteLock checks whether files have been changed since the last scan. This feature allows us to easily identify unwanted changes.
     Verifying SSL: SiteLock controls our SSL certificate and ensure that it is compatible with your browser.

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Sécurité grâce à SiteLock


Secure payments on Furshouse thanks to Sherlock's 3D Secure (Atos Worldline)

Effectuez votre paiement en toute sécurité sur Furshouse grâce à Sherlock's LCL

What is Sherlock's 3D Secure?

Here is a simplified kinematic 3D Secure transaction:
1-The user confirms his basket on the merchant site Furshouse and selects the mode of payment by credit card.
2-The user enters his card data SHERLOCK'S payment page, and then validates its input.
3 Visa and MasterCard networks determine if the holder's bank enlisted or not map the 3D Secure program:
· If the card is enrolled in the 3D Secure program, the carrier is then directed to his bank to authenticate by means agreed between the bank and himself.
If authentication is successful, the transaction continues with an application.
If authentication is incorrect, the transaction is aborted.
· If the card is not enrolled in the 3D Secure program, so the holder can not authenticate the transaction and continues with an application.

Verified by VisaVerified by MasterCard SecureCode

Secure payments on Furshouse thanks to Paypal.

Effectuez votre paiement en toute sécurité grâce à Paypal

What is Paypal?

PayPal users can make their payment to Furshouse through their Paypal account.
You will be redirected to the secure PayPal website. Thus, you ensure that the information will be treated confidentially and most importantly, safely.

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